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oodaalolly Introduction

Hi there. If you are reading this very first blog post, it is probably because you have purchased one of our bars online, at an event (undscvrd SF maybe?), received one as a gift, or stumbled onto our website and wanted to know more. 

Regardless of how you found us, welcome and thank you for being part of a small but rapidly growing member of the oodaalolly chocolate brigade. 

Our Mission is to Spread Joy Through Chocolate

Our company, oodaalolly small batch chocolate, is a small, family run operation that launched in late December 2017. Our launch collection includes: a 70% Dark Chocolate, a 60% Dark Milk, and a 70% Sea Salt and Almond bar. 

My family has a history of working with chocolate and oodaalolly is the latest example of that history of “cacao in our blood.” We source the beans for oodaalolly direct from the Davao region of the southern Philippines and using everything we know create a unique and delicious product - bean to bar. 

Special Beans Make Special Chocolate

The Philippines produces less than 1% of the world’s entire supply of cacao but the crop has been part of the nation’s rich history for hundreds of years. The very first examples were transported to the Philippines from Mexico during the Spanish galleon trades of the 1600s. 

Filipino Cacao.jpg

The unique mineral composition of the soil and the warm climate of the Philippines impart an unmistakable flavor to the cacao grown there. Additionally close proximity to pineapples, coconuts, and other local agriculture add to the terroir to give chocolate derived from Filipino cacao an unabashedly unique taste. 

Focus of Flavor

As a Filipino-American chocolate maker, I have decided to focus exclusively on beans from the Philippines. This allows us to highlight all the best qualities of the beans themselves. Furthermore we also keep the ingredients to a minimum. Our 70% Dark bar has two ingredients: cacao and unrefined cane sugar. That’s it! 

But two ingredient chocolate is one of those things that is simple in theory but exceptionally hard to execute on a consistent basis.  The way we make chocolate is very similar to how spirits like rum or whisky are blended to ensure you get that consistent flavor. Each batch of beans tastes slightly different, so in order to make a chocolate that tastes the same each time, we have to be equally precise yet flexible enough to make small adjustments to our process. It takes a bit more work but we think the result is totally worth the effort.

If you like what we are doing, then please help us spread the word. Nothing is more impactful than word-of-mouth or simply giving the gift of chocolate. All our bars available for purchase at oodaalolly.com

So thanks again for your support and keep spreading the word!