Maker's Intention


Our intention…

Our intention as a maker is to focus exclusively on cacao we source directly from the Philippines through personal relationships we have developed. We aim to express the inherent qualities of Filipino beans and flavor profiles using Swiss techniques and often equipment. Swiss chocolate is known to be smooth and ours in no exception. 

Our original collection (70% Dark, 60% Dark Milk, and 70% Dark Almond and Sea Salt) was created as a foundational or base chocolate which we thought would be a good starting point from which we could develop other flavors and products. We felt this chocolate had the quality we wanted, the flavor profile we enjoy, and still stayed true to the beans we currently source.

While we have entered into a relationship with a co-op for a certain strain of beans, we are still working to develop relationships with other producers and farms to determine what other varieties and strains can be found and harvested. As we build these relationships, we focus on maximizing the value that a cacao grower has within our supply chain.

Ultimately we would love to have our own cacao plantation from which we can experiment with the entire growing, harvesting, and fermentation process. Working with my uncle who has been a farmer for many years, we planted several hundred cacao plants on my grandfather’s land with the intent of potentially having the opportunity to try tree-to-bar production while increasing biodiversity of the farm which currently grows bananas, coconuts, and other local plant. Cacao growing may also create another potential revenue stream for other local farmers since the plant has been flourishing in the area. Some of our plants have already grown some nice pods and we have more than 4,000 seedlings ready for planting. It will take some time until the plants hit full production but that gives us enough time to setup a good process that we can use for the beans. 

It's still early days but we will continue with this experiment until... who know... until we can't...