Coming up with a name that encapsulates your brand is definitely a challenging exercise. Listening to Phil Knight’s memoir “Shoe Dog”, a great read for any aspiring business person or anyone who likes good storytelling, you would be surprised to learn that if Phil had gotten his way, Nike could have been Dimension Six! Seriously! Dimension Six!!! Who knows what would have happened if that name stuck?

When considering both a brand name and whether or not to make the plunge into starting a small batch chocolate business, we were still living in Sydney, Australia. Our young son was at the age when getting him to sit down and eat was a war of attrition. Like a lot of first time parents we tried every trick in the book including the use of cartoons as a method of distraction. As a result, we relied on the ones that could quickly get our young one to focus, smile, and eat. 

The name oodaalolly is a play on the phrase from my son’s favorite cartoon at that time and if you believe the urban dictionary, and we certainly do because that’s where all good words come from, oodaalolly is an expression of joy, surprise, delighted, ecstatic, and effervescent and is often shouted or sung repeatedly.

That’s what we want people to feel when they eat our bars, a bit of joy and bit of delight. If it causes you to sing, even better. But if it makes you smile even a little bit, then we have achieved success!

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