The Philippines, my birthplace, is the Napa Valley of cacao. 

The climate, soil, and amazing culture of the Philippines contribute to the distinct and delightful flavor of the nation’s cacao. Long a part of Filipino culture, the quality of our cacao is once again being recognized as some of the world’s finest. Just as Napa Valley grew into a region rivaling Europe’s finest winemakers, the Philippines stand ready to put the quality of their cacao on the world stage.


oodaalolly chocolate is made in small batches, perfectly capturing the specific flavors and nuances of cacao beans grown in the Philippines. Using Swiss techniques, we ensure oodaalolly chocolate always has that satisfying snap, silky texture, and sense of delight that real chocolate lovers crave.


Since I was a young man, combining the special taste of Filipino cacao with the craftsmanship of traditional Swiss chocolate making has been my dream. With oodaallolly, my dream has come true. My intention as a chocolate maker is to focus exclusively on Filipino cacao to create the best chocolate possible with minimal ingredients. I hope you enjoy these special chocolate experiences as much as my family and I do.

Hernan Lauber