Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt


The perfect balance of a little sweet and a little savory, with a burst of nutty.

This is our single roast, single origin, 70% cacao dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt. It’s smooth with a bursts of nut and salt in each bite. It’s dangerously delicious for any nut lover, let alone for any chocolate connoisseur.

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Our Process

That’s what our almond and sea salt bar gives you in terms of flavor. We take ground up almonds and incorporate them into our 70% two ingredient chocolate (cacao and unrefined cane sugar) to ensure that you get some of that nuttiness in every bite. The almonds are nice and fine so you don’t lose any of that smoothness we worked so hard to achieve. We then highlight that savoriness and accentuate the sweet by hitting the bar with some sea salt for that little extra something special.