70% Dark Chocolate

70% Dark Chocolate

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Single roast, single origin, dark chocolate using the finest quality Filipino cacao.

70% cacao

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Extremely simple but very complex.

Our 70% dark chocolate bar is only two ingredients, cacao and unrefined cane sugar. That’s it. Super simple yet perfectly balanced with a hint of sweetness and no bitterness. A three year old would like this dark chocolate, that’s how great it is.  

We really want you to taste the flavor of the trinitario beans we currently use to make the chocolate. What makes it special is we conche (basically polish) the chocolate overnight to get down to a particle size well below 30 microns to ensure the chocolate has that perfect smoothness that Swiss chocolate is known for so that when it touches your tongue the chocolate has that nice creamy mouthfeel yet has that strong snap sound associated with high quality chocolate, we are all about that crystallization.