60% Dark Milk Chocolate

60% Dark Milk Chocolate


Our smooth operator.

This is our 60% dark milk chocolate that pleases all ages, including kids! It has a touch of milk to help ease any bitterness that comes from our single roast, single origin cacao. It is buttery, and has robust cocoa flavors with a touch of sweet.

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Our Process

With this chocolate, we still keep it simple with four ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, sea salt and whole milk powder. The chocolate is conched (polished) overnight to achieve that smooth mouth-feel everyone wants from great milk chocolate. Along with the cacao and unrefined cane sugar, we add some whole milk powder for that extra creaminess. Then we add just a touch of cocoa butter, known as the bad but “oh-so-good” fat, that really helps to round out the flavor and a pinch of salt for that extra pop.

What you get is our perfect dark milk chocolate, ready to be eaten for breakfast with your coffee or dessert as a special treat to end the day.