60% Dark Milk Chocolate

60% Dark Milk Chocolate

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Single roast, single origin, dark milk chocolate using the finest quality Filipino cacao.

60% cacao

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The smooth operator.

The sweetness of milk chocolate paired with the strong, robust, flavor of dark chocolate. That is our 60% dark milk bar and it will hit all those notes and then some.

With this chocolate, we still keep it simple with just four ingredients. We still conche (basically polish) the chocolate overnight to achieve that smooth mouthfeel everyone expects from great milk chocolate. Along with the cacao and unrefined cane sugar we add some whole milk powder for that extra creaminess and that milk flavor everyone desires. Then just a bit of extra cocoa butter, the bad but “oh so good” fat that really helps to round out the flavor and then just a light pinch of salt for that extra pop. What you get is that perfect dark milk chocolate.